Video Recipe: Izzy's Traditional Latkes (Potato Pancakes)

3 large potatoes
1 large onion
3 eggs
3 large "spoons" of flour
Olive Oil
"Regular" Oil

"Grind" potatoes by hand in a bowl (""You grind dem like this")

Grind onion by hand

("when you have a fine machine you can grind it with a fine machine too")

Add (a ton of) salt and pepper ("How much salt? I can't tell you...Like this")

Mix well

Add eggs and mix well ("You mix this everything together good!")

Add flour and mix well

Place 2 frying pans on stove and add 1/2 Olive Oil and regular Oil ("A lot of oil in...Why both kinds? Tasted better")

Add 3 spoonfuls of batter (per latke) to frying pan ("And smell, in a couple of minutes the'ole house gonna smell. Un a good smell!)

When bottom is nice and browned turn the latkes over

When done place on paper towels covered plate to drain

Serve and enjoy!


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