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Old Fashioned Bread Stuffing

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Posted on 2007-09-20

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Old Fashioned Bread Stuffing 68686 views
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3-4 loaves of white bread (or 5 if you like leftovers)
chicken broth
insides of the turkey
2 bunches of celery
1 or 2 onions
2 TBSP butter
1/2 tsp. sage
oysters (optional)
mushrooms (option)


The night before you want to eat the stuffing, break the bread into small pieces (about 1 inch squares) into 2 huge bowls or pots. Let the bread sit overnight to dry out.

The next day, after you remove the insides of turkey, boil them in water in 2/3 qt. sauce pan until cooked (about 20/30 minutes).

Remove insides for later use or discard. Keep water and put aside.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Chop onion and celery and place into food processor until minced.

Melt 2-3 tablespoons of butter in large saucepan.

Saute onion and celery until heated through. Do not brown! (Saute mushrooms also at this time if wanted). Depending on how much stuffing you want and how much celery and onion you\'ve chopped, you may have to saute the onion and celery in two parts.

Once cooked, pour the onion/celery mixture directly over the dried out bread.

Pour 1/2 tsp. sage over bread/onion/celery mixture.

Then take your reserved water and pour slowly over bread. The bread will shrink as you do this. Be careful not to pour too much water in.

Mixture thoroughly and smell/taste for perfect stuffing.

If you need more liquid, open a can of chicken broth and pour over bread. If you need more spice, add more sage.

If you are using oysters, add them now.

Once stuffing is of a consistency that it will stick together and does not look too dry, do not add more liquid.

Either stuff in turkey to be baked in oven, or put in 9 x 13 pan.

If using oysters, it is recommended that you bake the stuffing in a pan so as to ensure the oysters will be cooked through.

Bake in 350 degree oven for 45 minutes to an hour. You want the stuffing to have a nice brown crust on top.

Author Comments

If you are cooking the stuffing in a pan and not inside the turkey, try stuffing the turkey with small apples. It smells wonderful and the apples have a great flavor when you take them out.


In Kentucky they are the same recipe, but it's called stuffing if it is baked in the turkey, and dressing if it is cooked on the side.
Gina Mathis on 2007-11-11
What is the difference between stuffing and dressing other than the area your from???
If there is a difference what is it????

thank-you for your help.

Ziggy on 2007-11-09
We have improved upon this traditional recipe.'
Please try these additions to the recipe.
Boil and chop gizzard, tail, heart and liver of the turkey then add them along with 2 eggs and 1/2 tablespoon of poltry seasoning.
This is a delicious addition to our traditional stuffing.
We make it with and without oysters.
Some just do not like oysters, and since Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, I want to make everyone happy.
Connie on 2007-11-18
My fathers family is from the southern edge of kentucky, Pineville to be exact. Down there they make stuffing out of white cornbread instead of white bread.

White Cornbread
Preheat oven to 325 degrees
Heat cast iron skillet (only cast iron will work)
Place skillet on top of the stove and melt 1/2 cup of bacon drippings or lard in it.
Remove from heat when grease is melted.
Mix the following:
2 cups of martha white self-rising flour
1cup of white corn meal
add milk to make a slightly thick batter.
Pour mixture into heated skillet and put in oven and bake til the crust is a dark honey brown. The top of the cornbread may crack open, this is fine.

Turn skillet over to remove the cornbread on to plate.

Serve with butter or Crumble it for stuffing.
My favorite ways to eat cornbread are crumbled with gravy or milk over it.

Yummy!! That is my favorite!
Connie on 2007-11-18
how long do you bake your stuffing muffins for?
i saw this on your show on tv. but didn't catch how long to bake. thanks, happy day to you, marcia turner
marcia turner on 2007-11-19
LARRY on 2009-11-24
A turkey is cooked 3 to 3 1/2 hours for every ten to fifteen pounds unstuffed add one hour for a stuffed bird. So a 10lb bird will take 3 hrs and a 15 lb bird 3.5 hrs. as would a 16 lb bird. But add 30 minutes for every five pounds of bird. so a twenty pound bird will take four hours and so on. and remember if you stuff the bird add one hour to all figure..
oh and for the person who asked what was the difference between stuffing and dressing.. the difference is how it is cooked. Stuffing is cooked inside of the bird while dressing is cooked in a pan or roasted/baked in the oven.. there is your difference. have a great thanksgiving.
jae on 2010-11-22

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