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Gravy Secrets

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Posted on 2007-09-21

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for each cup of gravy you need one tablespoon each of fat and flour


Before hand make up some rich turkey broth, use the bones or the organs. I like to use the bones but that means no big uncarved turkey on the dinner table.

You can simmer turkey neck, heart, gizzard, and and some minced onion, and celery and ½ t salt in enough water to cover until vegetables are done.

Dice the turkey liver and use the hot broth to simmer the diced turkey liver for about 15 minutes The turkey bones yield much more broth and you can add more vegetables to the pan.

Don\'t forget to get the brownings from the pan as mom says \"that\'s the goodies\" just after you\'ve removed the cooked turkey and roasting rack from the roasting pan. Strain poultry drippings through a sieve into a 4-cup glass measuring cup.

I then use 3 tb of corn oil to stir around in the bottom of the pan and get out the brown bits that have baked on. That gets added to my turkey drippings and I still really \"wash\" the pan out with my turkey broth if its made (or the water Im going to use in my broth if I haven\'t made it yet).

To make Gravy you need three things; well seasoned fat, flour, and good Rich broth.

For each cup of finished gravy you need one tablespoon of Fat and one tablespoon of flour and 1 cup of broth.

The trick is to know How many cups of broth you have and to see if you have that much fat.

If you are light on the broth end you can add some canned chicken broth

If you are light on the fat side you can add a small amount of corn oil,.or just save the rest of your broth for storing and reheating the turkey.

There are a few more tricks to making good gravy. First be sure to take the measured fat and stir into it the measured flour and then put it over the burner. Make sure you have covered all the flour with fat and blended It well.

Then you cook the flour and fat mixture until it begins to smell Just slightly salty. It will be bubbly and look like its just this side of brown.

Next REMOVE THE PAN FROM THE BURNER and whisk in the entire measured liquids.

Then return the pan to the burner and slowly bring this almost to a boil.

Remember you already cooked the flour in the fat so all you need to do now is stir this until it thickens up to what you like. You can let it stay sort of thin or let it cook out until it is thicker than your Mashed potatoes.



I realy want to learn to make homemade gravy i have tryied like my foster mother used to with flour and milk but i dont rember how much she put and what else she added shes been dead a few years ago and i have learned how to cook but i still cant make grave i have learned everything else but the gravy i hope this will help thank you for this recipe
charlotte jankowski on 2007-11-19
Just the right way to get up all the drippings from your roaster, and that's where the flavor hides. The browner the bits in the pan are, the richer the flavor. Makes a lot of gravy.
Mom on 2008-11-14
One problem I've always had in my feeble attempts to make good gravy is that there always seems to be too much fat in the bottom of the roasting pan with the browned flavoring. How do you seperate the fat from the flavor?
Amy on 2009-11-26
Forgot the link for you...

Thanks for these hints and tips on this site.. enjoyed reading this site - Aloha
Lynn daSilva on 2009-11-25
Hi Charlotte... sounds like you are tryin to make "country gravy" my favorite.. to go over bisquits ..
I found a site with pictures that show u step by step.. and you can find all sorts of variations if you type in Country Gravy.. hope that helps :) Aloha and Happy Thanksgiving to all..

Lynn daSilva on 2009-11-25

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