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Ghosts In The Graveyard

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Posted on 2007-09-28

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Ghosts In The Graveyard


3 1/2 Cups Cold Milk
2 Pkgs. (4 Serving Size) Jello-Chocolate Pudding
1 Tub 12 Oz. Cool Whip Thawed
1 Pkg 16Oz. Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookies


Crush cookies in zip style bag, with rolling pin, or in food processor.

Make pudding as directed on package using 3 1/2 cups milk; let stand 5 minutes.

Stir in 3 cups of the whipped topping and 1/2 of the crushed cookies.

Spoon into 13x9 dish. Sprinkle with remaining crushed cookies.

Refrigerate 1 hour.

Decorate with candy pumpkins, candy corn, milanos and spoonfuls of whipped topping for ghosts (pipe in chocolate eyes)

Author Comments

Tip: We have found that it is better to remove the cream filling from the Oreo cookies before crushing.

Update: picture has been added


Pictures would be great.....
Elizabeth on 2007-10-21
sounds good. Agree to the pictures.
Bob on 2007-10-25
Im a beginner in the kitchen so I agree to pix. They do a wonder
dallis on 2007-10-25
I found a picture at Kraft Foods website...looks like it may be the same thing

Look at: http://www.kraftfoods.com/main.aspx?s=recipe&m=recipe/knet_recipe_display&recipe_id=54472
Chrissie on 2007-10-25
This is an awesome recipe and i am going to use it every halloween.
emma on 2008-09-21
sounds good got to try it !!!!
no name on 2008-09-24
Thanks for the great Halloween recipes. I've been wondering what to do for the party this year..wanted something different and found it here.
Karen on 2010-10-13
Caleb on 2010-10-22

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